• 2010 BMW M1 3.0i

  • 2010 BMW 3 series 323i

  • Lamborghini Gallardo

  • Lamborghini Gallardo

  • Lamborghini Spyder

About Us



Thirty years ago.....

We work in the trade of new and used Cars

Our goal was not initially profit as much as what was Our real goal? .......

It won the Customer.....

To win Customer........ That winning his confidence and satisfaction.It was the target.

We were not sellers of cars as far as we were Consultants for our customers.To know first, their needs, desires and Purchasing Power, then come join and advice.

We're still loyal friends to our Customers, we share opinion and the right choice. For this we have succeeded and we still praise God Almighty...... Continue success.

                 Dear Customer.....

                                  • We Were and still loyal friends. 
                                  • Consulted us.
                                  • We choose you the most appropriate.